Michelle 'Li' Trick is a Breathwork Instructor in Philadelphia, and the artist behind ozzoombro. Since 2014, she has completed multiple professional trainings in Rebirthing Breathwork, most recently graduating from the 9-month Program at The New York & Philadelphia Rebirthing Center.

She is dedicated to social advocacy and service in healing and creative arts, as well as cultivating safe and accessible spaces for people to experience emotional healing and trauma resolution through conscious connected breathing practices.

What is rebirthing?

Rebirthing is a gentle somatic healing practice using the phenomenon of the breath with trained observation to reset the restorative intelligence of the body. A Rebirthing Breathwork Instructor teaches appropriate Conscious Connected Breathing techniques and provides a safe and relaxed container for the client to experience release and resolution in a 90-min session. A full 90-min session is enormously efficient for accessing Alpha and Theta brain wave states, which are states of deep relaxation associated with meditation and sleep.  A breathwork session initiates deep physical recuperation and frequently allows for experiences of joy and physiological bliss.

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