Maybe you're here because we've already met in person. If not, my name is Li. Feel free to reach out. I am a Rebirthing Breathworker since 2014, currently living in Philadelphia.

Rebirthing is a practice and a process of renewal. Rebirthers teach and facilitate 90-min conscious connected breathing sessions to give clients access to physiological bliss. Bliss connects us to high performance, health, happiness, balanced productivity, inspired action, unconventional solutions through revelation, communities and relationships that we thrive in, fast-track transformation, and the list goes on.

I currently use rebirthing for maintaining a positive outlook on life, sustaining commitment to long term goals, pain management and pain relief, stress reduction, effective regulation of panic and anxiety, enhancing my emotional intelligence and compassion in relationships, decision making, speeding recovery time from illness, and the list goes on. I am passionate about breath mastery as sustainable and safe medicine for healing societies and individuals.

Quality of breath is quality of life.

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