My name is Li. I am a Rebirthing Breathwork practitioner in Philadelphia. I began this work in 2014 when I took a leap of faith and completed my first 10 sessions as a client.

Leonard Orr's Inspiration University became my second home as I attended multiple trainings with a beloved mentor, Egbert Sukop. He left his body 9 months after our first meeting. His joy and his wit was always challenging, sometimes explosive, and deeply underscored by a subtle but infinite compassion. I developed a great faith with his great support in the self-healing capacities of the body.

I am currently indebted to the Philadelphia Rebirthing Center community for the warm friendships, sharp observations, ethical support, unconditional love, and passion for service that have grounded me on this path.

Incredible thanks to Ambrose, who continues to walk, inspire, and evolve unconditionally with enthusiasm and grace. Your presence is a true gift.

It all comes through the breath.

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