Have been through a heap since Nov 29. Excuse the incoherency, but I am re-laying foundations and re-vising my approach to all action. If you've been following Ozzo's progress at all (maybe wryly, because I have often), you might have a sense of what its trajectory could be.

Some life interests, investments, still hold true. Others do not.

For example, I no longer sleep on a mattress, and I am in the process of further submitting myself to certain qualifying routines that serve to reverse years of chronic fatigue and emotional decrepitude. It's exciting stuff. It is also inexplicably intense, and intensely revealing and often frustrating. Hundreds of eddying revelations don't piece together so easily in the self-referential masturbation of a blog post. I can't say that a year will give me the integration I'm looking for. So, I am working on a certain efficacy in dodging the rational mind. Spare this body for what it wants to do, and not what I want it to do. Mind…blown. I have some writing to prepare and magical lists to build. All pretty self-absorbed and boring to watch.

But, I invite you to keep tabs. Looking forward to new things.

Much love,