Post Grumblethorpe

First weaving project is woven, complete! Image below shows in-progress 'back' and portion of final 'front'.

I haven't cut the warp, yet. I waited to perform a small, life-awareness-affirming ceremony, and didn't find the time-space before leaving town. I may eventually option this piece for online sale, which will warrant 'finishing' and a full image. There is another small tapestry in progress, and I'm learning my limitations in patience, focus, physical stamina. Personal ambitions/projects are a bit numerous at the moment, and easily sidelined in the rotation of my continuously scrambled priorities.

Clearly I have some clearing to do.

SO! I am currently wrapping up a family visit to Vermont, returning to Philly and making preparations to travel to Lijiang, Yunnan, China on May 27. Will meet @theparhelia in Kunming and breathe. The mysteries keep developing, and I keep revising. I'm interested in making a very small loom that is portable/break-down-able, or I at least have plans for constructing one after arrival. Also, holding space for losing interest in my project-ions and listening in. Bringing my temperamental, aged SLR. See what happens.

See you soon as I manage to update. Huge information influx this past week. Expression is backed up, bottle necked.