Aninii Shobo, Nii Juinti, and Transition Points 2017.2.4

Today is a completely beautiful day...

I am leaving tomorrow for LAX and will be going to Aninii Shobo for a month long research and documentation project Feb/March. I intend to develop a collaborative account of Shipibo plant medicine and its connections to aesthetic traditions in the area. I also intend to acknowledge the potential in Shipibo art forms to communicate knowledge and understanding of human sacred experience. From what I understand, Shipibo traditions, conservation of natural resources, and recognizing the practical impacts of sacred work – including the ability to intuit/retrieve otherwise lost knowledge through sacred schooling/education/experience – are at risk due to modern-industrial pressures.

Aninii Shobo is an internationally significant point of contact for the experience of plant medicine. The mission involves an impressive synergy of local and international practitioners and participants. In addition to providing extensive healing services to both locals and outsiders, the community runs Nii Juinti, a school dedicated to empowering local children in the mission of cultivation and preservation of Shipibo knowledge.

*update: I have extended my time in Peru. I will keep you posted. <3

Tian Li

ॐ नमः शिवाय

सत्य satya सरलता saralata प्रेम prema